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Arizona Robbins in “Go It Alone”

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Arizona holding babies

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I am seeing a lot of posts about wanting Arizona to carry the baby. On the one had I get it from a fan perspective, a mini-Arizona tiny human would be adorable. However this show has always tried to be diverse and show that everyone is different and that it is okay for people to want different things out of life. Sometimes it causes strain and heartbreak but ultimately different things make different people happy. 

Originally Arizona said she didn’t want to have children but in time she changed her mind and that’s okay. I think the message with Arizona is an important one though. Not everyone wants or needs to have biological children. Arizona loves her daughter and is open to loving another child that has no biological ties to her. She obviously doesn’t feel that she needs any biological children, her children are hers regardless. It doesn’t mean there is anything negative about people who do want or need to have a biological child, it just means they have a different outlook on life and that’s okay. I think it is good that the show covers both perspectives because there are plenty of people out there like Arizona who are more than happy to call children with whom they do not share DNA their own. Non-biological parents are important too and I think that’s the point. Derek and Meredith have Zola and Arizona has Zofia and they love them more than anything and that matters. 

Also to note Shonda Rhimes has two adopted daughters and a third who was born via a surrogate. It is obviously something that is close to her heart and an important message for her show to send. All families are different and what makes a family is not blood relations but love. 

Just my opinion and why I think it is interesting and great that they decided to also have Callie carry their next child. 

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if you actually watched the first episode of faking it, you'd see that the show is offensive at all.


I meant to respond to this earlier. Your opinion of whether or not something is offensive is not the barometer. Maybe you watched it and didn’t find it offensive, that doesn’t mean no one else finds it offensive. That said, I read a little bit more about the concept. Apparently the girls are outed and decide to just go with it because it makes them popular, this is a tiny bit better than coming out because you think it will make you popular. Still though, entirely unrealistic. Not a true to life representation of what many young people in high school still go through when they come out/are outed. Maybe the show will touch on these topics and maybe it will end up being a decent show, but that doesn’t make the premise any better. Why couldn’t the show be about the girl who may be gay and her journey? Why bring the “faux lesbian” aspect into it? It’s a gimmick and I don’t like it. I think they could have done so much more and so much better with the overall concept for the show. Maybe it’s not as bad as I originally thought, but it’s not as good as it could be. 

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I’m t i t a n i u m.

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Some of Olaf’s funny moments + funny quotes
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If you love Disney you must follow this blog!

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Dave Rosin, HedleyWild Live TourApril 12, 2014


Dave Rosin, Hedley
Wild Live Tour
April 12, 2014

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Dave Karofsky + Genuine Smiles


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